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The Pentagram Zone - Nymphomaniac Fantasia.

Nymphomaniac Fantasia.

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The Pentagram Zone

The Pentagram is a five pointed star. The Pentagram symbolizes equality in man and woman. The Pentagram is the sign of good health and a symbol of mind and body in harmony with one another. The Pentagram is an outline of the human form, with one of its points projecting upwards, it can be imagined as a man's body with arms and legs extended. The Pentagram represents man as the potential master of all things and the rules of nature. The five points of the star refer of the five elements of nature: light, air, wind, fire and water; all of which man can control to some extent.
(Sorry sto je na engleskom al, iskreno, bilo mi je mrsko prevodit, a ovo sam prepisala sa jednog papira sto je doso uz moj pentagram kad sam ga kupila)